Sneaky veg #2

When I first wrote about the blog ‘sneaky veg‘ in this post about the merits (or not…) of hiding healthy food so that your children eat more of the good stuff without noticing and therefore rejecting it, I never imagined that it would culminate in a book review!

This is what is so exciting about the digital universe – I am, I admit, maybe more excited than most because the novelty hasn’t worn off yet –  for me, this is still all very new (I only started blogging in late 2013) and I am constantly amazed by the connections with other people that are there for the making. These connections  are not about cynically promoting a product or service but are the genuine exchange of ideas with people with similar values and interests.

But I digress. Mandy (author of sneaky veg and mother to a three year old and a one year old) commented on my post to point out that she does also serve up unhidden fruit and veg and to explain a little of the rationale for the sneakery… I offered to send her a copy of War & Peas, she offered to review it, I said “yes please!”.

Here’s what happened when Mandy tried EAF in her house…

You can also follow Mandy on Twitter @toddlersurvival

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2 thoughts on “Sneaky veg #2

  1. Thanks for linking back to my blog Jo, still persevering and enjoying the lack of battles although throwing away lots of food! (When Daddy doesn’t eat it all that is…)

  2. You’re welcome Mandy! Do persevere – I’m afraid there will be a bit of throwing away of food ( or eating seconds you didn’t need, which is what I used to end up doing…) I wish there was another way, but I haven’t found it yet! I guarantee you if you carry on following EAF principles, this time next year you’ll be throwing away a fraction of what’s being wasted now :). Also,small portion sizes is one way to minimise waste, then if they don’t go for seconds, at least you can recycle the left-overs…

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